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Visit the FREE STUFF page to watch fun videos, download a free song, get a free story, print out sheet music to songs, and download the 56-page teacher’s guide that includes the script of a Denton play that kids can produce and star in!

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Welcome Statement from Jeff Hutchins

Thank you for visiting Denton the Dragon’s lair.

Our mission is to entertain children and their families while teaching Universal Values not tied to any single religious denomination. In that way, we hope to make our stories, songs, videos, and stage shows appropriate for use in any setting, including homes, schools, and religious institutions.

This website can help you share Denton’s modern fables with the children in your life. Please consider supporting our efforts with your purchases.

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Vision Statement

Through our media products, children will learn the values societies treasure most: honesty, integrity, taking personal responsibility, acceptance of everyone’s differences.

We are committed to sharing all our revenue with the people whose talents created the content here: writers, illustrators, actors, singers, musicians, and even puppeteers.